Gospel Desk

Study. Believe.

Gospel Desk builds faith
by deeply engaging
with the Gospels.

The Gospels

Reading, together

Jesus of Nazareth: Was he God? A mystic? A figment of imagination? Read the Gospels and decide for yourself.

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A Narrative Apparatus

Cataloging characters, frames, and scenes

An exhaustive database of the characters, frames, and scenes in the four Gospels will provide the foundation for a wealth of study.

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The Twelve Believers

Celebrating those Christ celebrates

There are twelve people whom Christ praises for their faith, providing a picture of devotion for all Christians.

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The Abstractinator
2020-05-10 · I am writing software to help compile information for The Gospels, with a Narrative Apparatus.
Working on a Building
2020-04-25 · Gospel Desk has a place in the world, on Spring Hill in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, USA.
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